Sugar Aunts: Natural Writing Experiences for Summer Handwriting

Natural Writing Experiences for Summer Handwriting

Practicing letter and number formation can become dull.  There are creative ways to work on handwriting, for certain.  I've shared a ton of fun handwriting activities that can make practicing writing tasks a little more fun.  But, sometimes it can be hard to carry the skills learned in individual activities over to letters, journals, and homework lists.  Your child/student/client might be able to form all of the lower case letters in the morning, but then turn in a sentence that is totally illegible that afternoon.

Kids who hate to write will love these authentic and natural ways to work on their writing and handwriting this summer.

Natural Handwriting Activities

Natural handwriting tasks are those happen during real writing tasks: writing an address on an envelope which holds a letter to a friend, writing out a birthday wish list, or jotting down a quick to-do list.  They are authentic writing tasks. What makes these natural writing experiences legible is carrying over skill that have been practiced in isolation.

Natural Handwriting Experiences for Summer

The summer months is the perfect time to practice handwriting skills.  But, most kids are not going to want to spend their carefree summer with a pencil and paper, much to parents with best-intentions.

These handwriting ideas are ways to practice written work in natural and care-free ways, making them perfect for summer writing.

Try these natural handwriting experiences with your kids this summer:
Write a note to a friend.  Drop it off in a mailbox.
Send a postcard while on vacation.
Make a weekly Summer-Fun to-do list.
Start sending letters to a pen-pal.
Write a vacation packing list.
Write out the weekly grocery list.
Take handwriting on the go with a portable  A-Z list.
Write out a checklist of back-to-school supplies.
Write out family member's names in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.
Send a letter to a relative.
Write a thank you note to thank someone for something special.
Write a letter to a Disney characters.
Write a story.  Add new parts each day.
Create a heart-to-heart back and forth journal with a parent.
Write a play. 
Write about an interest.

Find more authentic handwriting activities here.

Kids who hate to write will love these authentic and natural ways to work on their writing and handwriting this summer.

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  1. Thanks for this list! I have a 1st grader that fights writing (but will read all day long). My goal is to help him get more comfortable with writing over the summer. Pinned and printing for my desk :)


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