Sugar Aunts: Cute Unicorn Craft for Fine Motor Scissor Skills

Cute Unicorn Craft for Fine Motor Scissor Skills

I love creating crafts for kids that serve a purpose.  There are a lot of anti-kids craft-ers out there, but as an Occupational Therapist, I am in the camp that kids crafts are GREAT for working on fine motor skills.  Direction following, task completion, fine motor work, and dexterity (among other goal areas) can all be addressed with a fun craft that kids will have fun making and be proud of! 

(AND, the bonus to a purposeful craft is that it's fun for the kids to make something that interests the child...whether it's a specific animal, a favorite character, or a season...crafts build up a child with excitement and smiles.)

I do have to say, though that process-oriented arty creations are equally precious in child development and learning.  It's all about balance! 

This super cute Unicorn craft is one that my kids loved making, and we worked on scissor skills and fine motor skills.  And they didn't even know it!

Cute unicorn craft for kids that is great for fine motor skills and scissor skills.

Unicorn Craft for Kids

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You'll need these materials to make a Unicorn Craft:
White and Pink card stock paper
Pink card stock paper
Scissors (These are the brand I love best for kids and new scissor users.)
Hole punch
Yarn in different colors. We used pink, purple, white, and blue.
Small Googly eye

Scissor Skills Unicorn craft for kids

First, you'll need to cut the white card stock into several shapes: One large rectangle, three small rectangles, a square, and a triangle.  Cut the pink card stock into a wing shape. Cut the yarn into small pieces about 4 inches long.

Cute unicorn craft for kids that is great for fine motor skills and scissor skills.

How to help kids cut on the lines:

Making this craft is a great way to work on and practice scissor skills including cutting multiple-angled shapes like rectangles, squares, and triangles.  I made an example of the unicorn craft and had my preschooler practice cutting on the lines.  Cutting card stock is a great medium for younger kids because of the thicker paper and more resistance to the scissors during cutting.  This, along with a thick line like a crayon line provides an easier task for younger kids.  Thicker lines and paper provide a child with a graded down component to the craft and allow for more accuracy.  

Another way to provide help to a younger child who is completing this craft is to position the shape on the edge of the paper, so a rectangle would have only two cutting lines into the paper.  The child can then reposition the paper instead of cutting around a corner.

Once all of the shapes are cut, glue them together in a unicorn shape.  Use the hold punch to create holes along one of the small rectangles and on the corner of the large rectangle.

Tie the yarn into the hole punch holes.  To do this, pinch the center of the yarn and push it into the hole.  Then, pull it halfway through the hole and slip the tail ends of the yarn into the loop.  Do this for the unicorn's mane and tail.  Trip the excess yarn to a shorter and even length.  

Cute unicorn craft for kids that is great for fine motor skills and scissor skills.

Cutting the yarn is a great way to work on scissor skills: A child needs to hold the yarn with one hand and cut with the other, working on bilateral coordination skills.  A different medium like yarn or string is a fun way to encourage more scissor practice, including accuracy and precision of snips.

Cute unicorn craft for kids that is great for fine motor skills and scissor skills.

Fine Motor Unicorn Craft

So, how can you encourage fine motor skills with this craft?  Simply by doing it!  It's a powerhouse of fine motor work.  From cutting, snipping, hole punching, and threading the yarn through the holes, knotting the yarn, and gluing on the Googly eye: it's a fine motor work out!

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Cute unicorn craft for kids that is great for fine motor skills and scissor skills.

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  1. I am a huge fan of freestyle crafting and making, but I agree with you that there are some real benefits to structured crafts as well. Besides the fine motor benefits, I think they are wonderful opportunities for kids to learn a range of crafting techniques AND to learn how to recover from mistakes they may make. Most structured crafts can also be customized as well.

  2. ADORABLE!! I love this so much. I think my daughter would too. Especially the yarn parts! THANK YOU so much for participating in Kids Crafts from A-Z! This unicorn made an excellent addition!

    I am a cohost of a brand new link&pin party. If you're interested, we'd love to have you share with us!!


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