Sugar Aunts: Kindergarten


We played our way through the Kindergarten year as Big Sister explored sight words, decodable reading, counting, composing numbers, and more.  These are our favorite Kindergarten activities:

Kindergarten math and reading sight word activities.

Creative Kindergarten Math Ideas

Creative Kindergarten Math ideas

Teaching Math Through Play
Counting Nature

Snowball Fight Math

Snowman Math

Learning Math Through Play

Kindergarten activities for math and sight words.  These are great ideas for homeschool or home supplement.

Ideas for sight words and reading activities for Kindergarteners

Creative Kindergarten Reading Activities for Kids

Roll, Pop, Pull Game
Decodable Reading Activity

Tips to Make Reading Fun

Sight Word Crayon Rubbing

Sight Word Scooping

Sight Word Ping Pong

Creative Sight Word Games

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

Beginner Sight Words Letter Match

No Mess Window Sensory Spelling

Sight Word Sensory Bottle

Sight Word Sensory Bin

String Sight Word Games

Sight Word Manipulatives

Sight Word Sticky Board

Sight Word Bottle Cap Stamps

Sight Word Bottle 

Cap Stamps


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