Sugar Aunts: Time Capsule Craft for Summer Memories

Time Capsule Craft for Summer Memories

With the start of school and a new month, Summer is quickly winding down.  The summer days seem to fly by when filled with vacations, play dates, park fun, and fun!  How can you preserve those memories?  We created a summer time capsule craft with the kids to hold all of our best summer memories.  We'll hold onto our time capsule until next summer and remember the fun that summer of 2014 held for us! 

We love creating crafts and activities using recycled materials.  This time capsule uses an item from the recycle bin.

Preserve summer memories with a time capsule craft for kids
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To make a Time Capsule craft with kids, you will need:

recycled chips cardboard tube  
Make a summer time capsule with a recycled chips tube.
We started by picking out some bright colors of cardstock for our time capsule, and an empty chips tube.
Measure the cardstock to fit the tube.

Tape it into place.  We went with an overlapping look to fit the cardboard tube.  Label your time capsule with a marker.

Next, is the fun part.  The kids and I went on a hunt around the house to look for evidence of our summer fun.  We found shells from our beach vacation, pictures, cards from vacation bible school, tickets from our birthday party movie night, and other things that meant summer fun.

Next, I wrote out a page of summer memories as the kids told me their favorite summer memories.

We rolled up the sheet and put it into the time capsule.

Little Guy (age 5) and Baby Girl (age 2) added all of the summer memories into our time capsule.  Little Guy was pretty thrilled to hear that we would open it up again next summer!

Summer memories can be kept in a time capsule craft for kids. From Sugar Aunts
We found a home for our time capsule on a shelf... next to a frame that is waiting for pictures.  Hopefully by next summer, that frame will have photos!
What was a favorite memory from your summer?


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