Sugar Aunts: Water Bead Tea Party Pretend Play

Water Bead Tea Party Pretend Play

We LOVE water beads!  They are such a fun way to play.  We've done so many fun activities with water beads: color matching, seasonal sensory bins, and even fine motor play with them.  One day we pulled out a pretty pink color for a little tea party pretend play.
Set up an invitation to play with the kids. Imagination, fine motor, pretend, and more with water beads!


Water Bead Tea Party

Note~ All children's activities that we share on Sugar Aunts should be supervised by a responsible adult.  This activity especially should be monitored closely by an adult as children may get swept up in the moment of imaginative play.  If you are worried that your child may put water beads into their mouth, please do not attempt this activity. is not responsible for any injuries or accidents.  Sorry for the lameness, but it must be said...because you never know.  Just use caution. 
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Onto the fun.  We grabbed a packet of Pink Water Beads and let them sit overnight in water.  By the next morning, we had a bin full of beads ready for playing.  I set up our tin tea set.  We were ready to play! 

Pink water beads for sensory play.

How fun does this look??

We poured a few cups of "tea".  This was a great fine motor activity for Baby Girl (age 2.5).  Pouring, scooping, and transferring the water beads from cup to cup is a great way to practice dexterity and control with movements.

We pretended to have a tea party with lots of refills needed.  This sensory play activity that was very relaxing.  Running your hands through water beads has such a calming affect. 

Would you like a cup of tea? 

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