Sugar Aunts: Glitter Glue Salt Dough Recipe

Glitter Glue Salt Dough Recipe

We love making up a batch of salt dough.  It's a great moldable dough for creating crafts and even ornaments.  This recipe for glitter glue dough was a total accident.  It turned out to be completely cool to play with and one we'll be making many times in the future. 

Make glittery dough using salt dough

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Ingredients needed for Glitter Salt Dough:

Salt Dough (mix up 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, and 1/2 cup water.)
glitter glue (ours was not the washable version)

That's it!  

Play dough recipe using salt dough and glue

When we made our glitter dough, we were crafting our Kissing Hand charm and were playing with the extra dough.  Baby Girl saw a bottle of glitter glue sitting nearby and decided to decorate her dough.  It was a beautiful, glittery, goopy decoration ;)

WE decided to mix the whole glittery mess into the dough and glitter glue salt dough was born!

With the glue added into the dough, it was much more sticky.  Such a great sensory experience to manipulate that sticky dough!  We needed to add a bit more flour to take away the sticky factor.  How much you add depends on how much dough you've got and how much glitter glue you add in. 

Salt dough with added glitter glue makes a great fine motor activity for kids.

 Playing with this glittery dough was so much fun!  Let us know if you mix up a batch. 

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