Sugar Aunts: Halloween Play Dough

Halloween Play Dough

Halloween Play Dough
Little Guy and I had some fun with play dough one day last week while Baby Girl was napping.  We pulled out a bunch of Halloween things and pressed them into play dough.  Simple. Fun.

We like to use this recipe for our homemade play dough.

Halloween Play Dough

Halloween Play Dough

He liked using the Beware flags the best and said it was scary play dough.  This was a fun little fine motor activity for quiet time.

This guy had fun too ;)

Do you have any spider rings, bats, or other little Halloween things that would be fun to add to play dough?  We got our last year at the after-season clearance sales.  If you don't have any little "things" to add to your play dough, try pine cones, acorns, little pumpkins...anything Fall will make it special!  See how we did that here.

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