Sugar Aunts: Paper Roll Apple Stamps

Paper Roll Apple Stamps

We made this apple stamping art last week with one of our favorite things to recycle...Paper rolls!
(we used a toilet paper roll but a paper towel roll would work too.)

Mom bent the cardboard tube just a little into a heart-ish shape.

Big Sister got busy stamping!  She covered her page with little red apples.

She painted little green leaves on the apples...

...and then drew stems on each apple with a brown marker.
This was such an easy and fun little project to do.  Let us know if you make apple stamps!

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  1. This is a great activity. I'm thinking of using it with my first graders. We have a focus number of the week. This week is the number 10 and this would be a great opener for our week of decomposing the number 10. It fits in nicely with our apple theme we are wrapping up. Thank you!

  2. Love how simple it is and how wonderful it turns out. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library. I am featuring it on iGameMom


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