Sugar Aunts: Share It Saturday #19 and Our Week In Review

Share It Saturday #19 and Our Week In Review

 Our Week-In-Review...
It's that time again! We are ready for the weekend and hope you had a wonderful week. We have so much fun with Share It Saturday.  We love seeing what you've been up to each week.  Here's what we've been up to...
We made some blue sand this week and did a little letter formation on a tray.  Watch for a blog post about this one!
We went out for a nature walk and did a little sorting with some cinder blocks.  Each section was perfect for sorting leaves, sticks, and rocks.
Big Sister insisted we make a well.  A well, we made! We used a 5 gallon bucket, a couple of wooden planks, duct tape, a paper shopping bag, and crafting paper.  She's been hauling in water ever since!

One of us sister's is a teacher and wish a happy Teacher Appreciation week to all teachers out there.
Teacher Appreciation week is May 6-10. 

Another of us sisters is a nurse and wish a Happy Nurse Appreciation week to all of the nurses who work so hard each day.
Nurse Appreciation week is May 6th-12th.
And on to our favorite day of the week...

Share It Saturday!  

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 This Week's Features:
What Mommy doesn't LOVE handmade handprint artwork from their little ones on Mother's Day.  Check out this adorable collection of sweet little hand prints. 
Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers out there!

Judy's Handmade Creations made super cute paper flowers.
Like Mama Like Daughter created handprint flowers.
There's Just One Mommy made a bunch of sweet little cardboard tube flowers.
Homeschooling Mom came up with an egg carton version of the flower bunch.
Mama to 5 Blessings used plastic water bottles to make fun flowers.
We Made That did their version of the handprint flowers.
Adventures With Jude painted a recycled tin can and planted real flowers.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Handprint flowers! And for hosting each week!

    1. We are happy to have you! Love the handprint flowers!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting and featuring our Egg Carton Flower post!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our cardboard tube flower bouquet! Have a great week!

    1. We are happy to have you here with us!

  4. Thanks for featuring our planters! We've found so many great ideas with this linky party...glad to share ours! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Thanks for featuring my paper flowers. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. They are so cute! Thanks for joining us!

  6. thanks for hosting...happy mothers day :)

    Claudia @

  7. How did I not know about this blog before?? I love it! I'm your newest follower and I linked up my pirate hideout and soccer necklaces. Thanks for hosting!

  8. That well is super cute!!

    Thanks for including our cardboard tube flowers!


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