Sugar Aunts: Pirate Party- DIY Treasure Chest and treat bags!

Pirate Party- DIY Treasure Chest and treat bags!

Pirate Treasure Chest Party Detail

picture of cardboard treasure chest
This was one of the DIY projects us sisters got together to make for a Pirate birthday party.  It was a fun afternoon DIY project while the little cousins played together and us sisters hung out and made stuff!
Start with two diaper boxes.  With all of the little kids in this family, we go through a ton of diapers.  Saving a few boxes was NO problem!
Cut one box on a curve and cut along the top edge.  Use a screwdriver to poke holes along the two cut sides.  Use zip ties to form the arch of the top of the treasure chest.  We found this pack of zip ties in the dollar store and it has lasted us for SO many projects.

Keep attaching the two sides with zip ties until the arch is formed.

We painted the box a brown color and once dried, used a permanent marker to draw the black lines.

Attach a little sign for extra Pirate-y fun.

The Pirate chest was used at the party to hold

DIY Personalized Pirate telescopes and favor bags.


Pirate Party Favor Bags

These favor bags were super simple to make...brown paper bag with a map drawn on in marker! done.

The kids loaded up their bags with their personalized telescope, chocolate gold coins, eye patches, and Pirate masks.  FUN!

Watch this space for more Pirate party details!

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  1. this is pretty cool!...hope you can come share it with us on pin it mondays (live now)

    Claudia @

  2. Thanks! We'll stop over, thanks for the invite :)

  3. This is such a cute idea! I did a pirate party for our Cub Scout Pack last year, and this would have been perfect! Found you at Pin It Monday Hop.

    1. Thanks! It wasn't difficult to make at all. I bet the Cub Scouts loved their Pirate party!

  4. Very cute! Thanks for stopping at Monday's Pin Hop!
    Shelly- Cohost

  5. My son is almost two, and has used many different brands of diapers. He pulls and tugs at them, colors on them with paint and markers, stretches them over his head (when they are clean), puts them around his legs and runs through the house, play on the playground with just the diaper on. And through all of that, they still work.

  6. Oh you guys are so clever! This is such a creative idea! Thanks for sharing at Party In Polka Dots!


  7. Very cool:)! Pinned up to my Fun Stuff for Kids Board:).

  8. That's a very cute project, I love it. thanks for sharing!


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