Sugar Aunts: Rockin' Drum and Music Birthday Party details

Rockin' Drum and Music Birthday Party details

We spent an afternoon this weekend at my niece's second birthday party, where drums, noise, and general kid awesomeness was going on.  I HAD to share all of the fun details that went into this party.  Picture overload here...

Drum Themed Food... 

The cake was a Costco cake that my Sister-In-Law decorated into a drum. Pretzel rods made drumsticks and Animal from the Muppets made the cake!
Little drum details were everywhere...including in the veggie tray.

The Drum Themed Party Favors...

were little buckets, drumsticks, drum notepads, and candy.  The kids got to take home real drumsticks too.  Little Guy was (and still is) in Heaven beating those drum sticks around!!

Drum Party Activities...

The backyard was loaded with steel drums, garbage cans, tire rims, anything that would make NOISE. 
And these kids had a BLAST! 
The neighbors were warned :)

In the basement were drum sets made from 5 gallon buckets, tons and tons of recycled plastic bins, metal cans, plastic tubs, tins... This was a little drummer's dream!
I LOVE the Mickey Mouse Gong!  And so did the kids :)

 Makin' Music Party Activities...

The kids could make rain sticks with plastic bottles and toothpicks/chopsticks, rubber band guitars with recycled tissue boxes, fun noises with paper tubes, and a shaky noise with a bowl of plastic beads. 
And what toddler does not love banging on pots and pans??
The washboard was an awesome touch!  My Baby Girl loved that one.  There was a CASE of drumsticks near by for all of the little drummers to go crazy with.
Kids could use plastic eggs (or fun shaped plastic bottles) to make shakers with corn. 
I love the Animal detail on this set of drums!
This party was a BLAST for every age.  The Animal shirt the Birthday girl wore was perfect...and her baby sister was rocking along to the music theme in her cute little music note onesie :)  
We had so much fun watching the kids go crazy with noise and energy...and some of us moms and dads got in on the music making, too :)
 What a great way to celebrate our little niece's/cousin's 2nd birthday. 
Happy Birthday little J!


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  1. My two-year-old Sophia would love this (check her rocking her microphone in my post today:!! Thanks so much for linking up at the Wonderland Hop!! Alice

  2. This is so great! My daughter is the biggest music fan ever...when she's upset, all I have to do is turn on a little hip-hop...this would be such a great second birthday party idea for her!

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    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Looks like lots of noisy fun!

    Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase. I've pinned to our board.

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