Sugar Aunts: Letter Learning with Bottle Caps

Letter Learning with Bottle Caps

This Letter Learning game was something I made for Big Sister a couple of years ago.  We have played with the letter bottle caps so many times and in a ton of ways.

The cardboard has upper case letters and the bottle caps are used to match the letters. 
I used a sheet of label paper to make the lower case letters. Trace a bunch of circles in the correct size, cut out, write the letters, and stick 'em to the bottle caps.  Easy!

We've also played with the bottle caps in play dough, to spell names and words, to label objects with it's starting letter, and learning which direction the "p", "b", and "d" should go. 
They are so great to manipulate and play with in a sensory bin filled with corn, too.
How else can we play with these bottle caps??


  1. What a great idea to make learning letters fun!

  2. I love ideas with bottle lids...i keep collecting them and not actually doing anything so thank you for the inspiration!

  3. learning fun!!! Thanks for sharing and please join us again this week at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

  4. Loved this idea and played off it to make a spring-themed literacy activity for my daughter. I linked to you in the post. Check it out here

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