Sugar Aunts: Painting Snow

Painting Snow

This was a really fun activity for us.  We did this one on Super Bowl Sunday, while we were waiting for some super sweet friends to stop over for the game.  I love that the idea for this fun time came from my AUNT
(and it's now on the Sugar Aunt's blog haha).
The spray bottles came from the dollar store.  When I saw the cute colored tops on the bottles, I grabbed up four of them...I can see lots of fun spray play in our future!
Big Sister and Little Guy filled the bottles part way with water and squeezed in some liquid food coloring (also from the dollar store...we seriously use this stuff for SO MANY projects.  It lasts forever!!)

The big kids were SO excited to get started!  They went right to work on creating a masterpiece on the front lawn.  If you do this activity, be sure to keep the nozzle on a stream of water.  When it was turned to a spray, the colors did not show up as well in the snow.

Little Guy wanted to shovel blue snow.  'Cause that would be awesome!

We mixed a little colors...making orange, purple, bluish-green...and mastered Big Sister's goal of making brown.  (this girl loooooves to mix paints to get brown. Every.Time.) haha!

Yes, you may paint the bushes...

This was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  If you have snow, go out and do this. 
 So Much Fun!



  1. This is such an adorable idea, I love it! Thanks for stopping by and following, following you back lovely lady!

  2. That is such a smart idea! Wish we had snow here in Florida :(

    p.s. - thanks for following me in the Blog Hop, I returned the favor!

  3. Such a fun way to pass a Sunday afternoon! Thanks for stopping by, I'm following :)

  4. oh how fun!!!!! my kids would LOVE this if we ever got an measurable snow!!! lol

    The 5th Level of Motherhood

  5. How fun!! I would have loved that as a kiddo! Stopping by and a new follower from GFC hop. Have a great day!!

  6. What a fun cute idea! Following you back!

  7. New follower! Thanks for the follow! :) What a fun idea! Love this! *it never snows where we are... but I would be all over this idea if it did!

  8. My son would LOVE this! And we just got dumped with a ton of snow the other day! Perfect!


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