Sugar Aunts: Multi-age Letter Learning Bin

Multi-age Letter Learning Bin

This was an easy little activity that worked for all of the ages. 
My Pre-K kiddo copied the words,
My Pre-Schooler liked telling me all of the things that started with "D" and exploring the bin,
and my Toddler loved checking out all of the fun things in the bin.
(Especially the ducks...Baby Girl looooooves ducks!)

I've seen the letter sensory bin idea over at Life With Moore Babies.  
She's linked up at our Share It Saturday link up party and I knew my kids would love to do something like that!

We went on a scavenger hunt to search for toys that started with D and everyone had so much fun!
We found Dog puppets, ducks, a doll, and a Dad (ok, this was another doll and a small stretch to get a "D" word, but they got it :).   We also had dinosaurs, a D magnet, a few foam letter "D"'s, a plastic "Diamond" bracelet, a plastic dime, and Dora.
I wrote all of the words on the writing sheet for Big Sister.  She's so into copying words right now.  And learning lower case letters.  She loved pulling the object out of the box, asking me which word matched up, and then copying.

 My silly Baby Girl. I have 6 shots of this.  She was hil-arious.
 And she knew it!


  1. You guys have become my "go to website" when I need ideas on what to do with my kids.

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! You just made our Day. No week. No Year!! Seriously, thank you so much for that kind comment :)

  2. Looks like they had a great time with it! My little guy was trying to steal his Letter I Bin yesterday before it was even finished! lol Thanks for mentioning us!

    1. They love seeing all of their normal toys in a new setting and mixed in with other things. These letter bins are such a fun time!!

  3. How awesome. LOVE preschoolers. This is perfect for home or a preschool setting. Love it.

  4. Great ideas! I love how you went through how to use it with different ages. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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