Sugar Aunts: Snow Patterns

Snow Patterns


Learning Shapes and Patterns in the Snow!


We have a shape sorter toddler toy that was perfect for making some shapes in the snow. 
Working on patterns...

Push the shapes all the way down and you get some "snow brownies" :)

 They are good enough to eat!
This would be fun with cookie cutters too...You could do any theme, colors, shapes, patterns, sorting...Maybe we'll do those next time we get some snow on the ground!



  1. What a great idea! I love this.
    Following back from the mingle <3

  2. This is such a cute idea! Following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing the blog love!

  3. Following back! I love love this idea! I wish I still had a toddler, and I wish we had snow! Guess I'll have to try this out on my nieces and nephews! ;)

  4. Great idea! Following you back from Monday mingle blog hop. Have a great day:)

  5. What an AWESOME idea! Learning, recognizing, and creating patterns is SO important as so many things in school and in life rely on recognizing patterns. I am your newest follower (returning your follow) and look forward to more visits.

  6. What a great idea! My youngest would think this was so much fun :)

  7. This would be so fun, if we actually get snow. Still waiting...

  8. I love this idea. Plus, we have those exact shapes! My youngest loves that shape sorter.

  9. Cool idea! We have that shape sorter...well our shapes look similar but we have to put them in a little box because... we're missing the :-)

    Thanks for linking up at Sharing Saturday!


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