Sugar Aunts: Visual Christmas Count-down **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Visual Christmas Count-down **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 5 of 25 Days of Christmas Play

Paper Chain Christmas Countdown

We put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and my daughter has been confused as to how many days there are until Christmas. 
She has been waking up in the morning asking me, "Is today the day?!?!"

I decided we needed a visual way of showing her how many days she has left until Santa comes.
I remember doing this chain link count-down when I was little and I am sure lots of you still do this.
This is a fun activity that can be used to count down any big day...vacation, birthday, holiday, sleepover...anything really!
Paper Chain Christmas Countdown by Sugar Aunts

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Cut out some red and green Construction Paper into however many days you have left until the big day.  This is an easy activity for your preschooler to help- cut straight lines across the construction paper.  You or your child can number the links if you want.  My daughter just wanted to decorate one of the links- the one for the big day!

Link them all together with glue or tape and let it dry laying flat on a table out of little hands way.

Once it is dry hang it up.  What an easy visual aide for the kiddos!
We hung ours off of the curtain rod next to the Christmas Tree to make it look festive and to keep it away from baby brother who really wanted to rip it to shreds.

Have the kids tear off the link and count the remainder of the days.  Only 23 days left!

Enjoy today!


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  1. Hello, I found you from the "Meet and Greet Blog Hop"...I am a new follower. Love this idea of counting down the days until Christmas, I think I will do this tomorrow with my little one. Happy Holidays.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The first time I saw the chain link paper was when I was a kid and watching Barney's Birthday video. That sounds neat. My blogs are and I'd appreciate if you'd stop by both and read/leave comments.

  4. I love the chain link. That is something that you never think about doing with your child. I have a little one at home sick today so that will get her off the ipad and doing something contructive. I love your site. Thank you for sharing it on MBC. Come over for a visit.


  5. so fun for the kids...adults too!!

  6. We made our links today-and a few extra to be worn as bracelets! Thanks for reminding us of the fun things we did as kids so we can pass them on!

  7. A count down is such a great idea! I should do this for my niece ;-p You have a sweet little blog--I'm looking forward to reading more!

  8. I did this in school too. So simple yet exciting at the same time!

  9. This is such a great idea.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog


  10. I love the idea of a paper chain for counting down to Christmas! I remember doing these when I was a kid, too. Now I've made one to help my young boys learn some German Christmas vocabulary! Here's the link with the downloads, if you're interested:


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