Sugar Aunts: Christmas Math

Christmas Math

Day 15 of 25 Days of Christmas Play

This one was super easy and Big Sister gave a big "OOOOOoooo, Cool, Mom" when she saw it, so I think that means it is pretty fun...

AND it helps with teaching beginning math, so bonus!

 I had her start by putting the correct number of clips on each decorated circle.  This is a great activity for fine motor strengthening.  Pinching the clothes pins works the small intrinsic muscles of the hands.

Then we did a little simple math...I put two of the circles on the left and asked her what they added up to.
She did pretty well, without needing to count the pins for most of them!  

We also had some Christmas-y fun taking pics for our Christmas card...with lots of out-takes!

It is reeeeeallly hard to get THREE children to look at the camera, smile, and not move for a split second!  
There is not much you can do, besides laugh! I think I got one good shot, though.  Will work on the card and try to share it here, soon :)

Fun Times! Looking for more fun ideas to stop, take a minute, and play with the kids this season? Check the Christmas Play tab 
to follow along each day with Christmas themed play!


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  1. Cute idea :). You left me a comment about co-hosting my Share It Saturday party. I can't seem to find an email to contact you, but would love to talk with you about it! Send me an email!


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