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Overnight Egg Strata Recipe

Cooking with kids is a fun way to spend time together!  Cooking together in the kitchen is quality time with learning, skill development, and has a tasty reward.  Kids love to create new concoctions in the kitchen and may be more willing to try new foods.  We made this Overnight Egg Strata Recipe together one afternoon and then enjoyed our breakfast on a lazy Saturday.  This easy egg strata recipe would be a great addition to holiday mornings or even breakfast for dinner! 

Overnight Egg Strata recipe. This is a great recipe for cooking with kids.

Overnight Egg Strata Recipe

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 We made this egg strata recipe as a new recipe to us.  As part of our Cooking With Kids A-Z series, we needed an egg recipe.  (If you haven't been following along with our series, we've been cooking our way through the alphabet.  Every two weeks, we're cooking up a new recipe.  This week is E is for Eggs and our egg strata recipe was just the thing to make!  We've never made this recipe before, but it is one of the Aunts' go-to breakfast recipes for holidays, special events, or lazy mornings.  It's been posted on the blog before, but this Aunt has never made it (or tried it, actually!) so we decided it was the perfect recipe for our E is for Egg week!

This is such an easy recipe to throw together.  If you need an amazing breakfast casserole for Easter or Mother's Day (or Christmas or any day!), this is the one to make.  It took us maybe an hour to put together --including the time it takes for kiddos to chop, dice, and toss--so average time to make would probably be closer to 20 minutes.  BUT, cooking with the kids really gets them involved and learning in the kitchen.  

Start with 10 slices of bread.  Chop them up into crouton-sized squares.  We used whole wheat bread, but any type would do.  This would even be an excellent way to use up day old bread.

Once the bread is chopped, place half of it in the base of a large casserole dish.  Don't forget to spray with cooking spray first.

Chop any vegetables.  We used red, yellow, and green peppers, but this recipe would be amazing with mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, or any veggies you have on hand.

Cut slices of ham into pieces.  You could substitute the ham with sausage or bacon.  I love the versatility of this recipe!  Side-note: Using kitchen shears to cut the ham steaks is perfect for school-aged kids.  They can easily cut ham into pieces while strengthening their hand muscles at the same time.  I love these kitchen shears (incidentally, a gift from one of the Aunts!) for all snipping in the kitchen!

Chop up the veggies into small pieces.  Children can use a safety kids' knife to cut vegetables while becoming more confident and safer in their knife use while cooking.  Be sure to provide adult supervision.  

Overnight Egg Strata recipe. This is a great recipe for cooking with kids.

Over the bread pieces, layer: vegetables, ham, half of the cheese, and the remaining chopped bread pieces. 

Overnight Egg Strata recipe. This is a great recipe for cooking with kids.

Sprinkling the cheese was a huge hit!

Next comes the egg cracking part.  My kids LOVE cracking eggs.  Its a messy job...and there are ALWAYS eggs dripped on the counter tops...but they love it.  
Stir together 10 eggs and 2 cups of milk in a large bowl.  

Mix well.  

Pour the egg/milk mixture over the casserole ingredients.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. 

Overnight Egg Strata recipe. This is a great recipe for cooking with kids.

Place the covered strata overnight in the refrigerator.  Pull it out in the morning and bake at 350 degrees F for 35-40 minutes.  It is delicious and makes the house smell amazing.  My girls and I enjoyed eating our strata together as we talked about making it the day before.

Overnight Egg Strata Breakfast:

10 slices of white bread cubed
1 cup mushrooms (or any vegetables) chopped
1 small green pepper chopped
16 oz shredded cheddar cheese
1 ham steak cubed
8 eggs
2 cups milk

Spray a 9x13" pan with non-stick spray.
Place half of the cubed bread on the bottom of the pan.
Sprinkle the veggies and then top with half of the cheese.  Next, layer bread and ham and top with the remainder of the cheese. Mix the milk and eggs, make sure to whisk well. Pour the egg mixture over the cheese.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  Bake  covered at 350 degrees F for 35-40 minutes.  Remove the cover for the last 10-15 minutes to get the cheese looking golden.

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Cute Frog Crafts for Kids

Share It Saturday this week brings you Super Cute Frog crafts!  We love to make crafts with our kids.  They love to cut, paste, and create crafts of all kinds, but animal crafts are a sure hit in our houses.  These frog crafts will keep you hopping!

Super cute frog crafts for kids

Frog Crafts for Kids

My Bright Firefly made a frog handprint craft.
Make a hopping frog craft using a paper plate like Christianity Cove.
I love this frog on a lily pad from The Craft Train.
My Little Guy loves tree frogs, so this frog craft from No time For Flashcards is perfect!
This shredded paper frog craft from Love and Marriage blog is super cute.
If easy shapes crafts are your thing, this circle frog craft from Artsy Momma is for you.
The Craft train made this adorable paper plate frog. I can't get enough of it!

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Identifying Parts of a Book Activity

Big Sister is in first grade and one of the areas she had to learn in English Language Arts, is identifying parts of a book.  We practiced book part identification with our very own Parts of a Book-Scope!  I love to create fun ways to practice testing areas and extend her homework a little with creative and playful learning.  She worked on book part identification terms earlier in the year (but I'm just getting around to sharing this with you!) but it was so much fun, that Big Sister still talks about our Parts of a Book-Scope!

Teaching parts of a book to first grade. I love these Parts Of A Book-Scopes!

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Teaching Kids to Identify Parts of a Book: First Grade English Language Arts

This activity is really so easy and a fun way to extend simple memorization of parts of a book.  I grabbed a few styrofoam cups and wrote the parts of the book with -scope on each one.  Cut out the bottom of the cups and you've got yourself parts-scopes.

I had Big Sister search and find the parts of the books, including Title, Author, Spine, as well as the parts within the book: Main Events, Characters, and Setting.

It was fun for her to read a book and as she found parts, she could use the event scopes to pinpoint the main parts.

One scope was all we used to locate the main parts of the outside of the books.

These Book Part-scopes were a huge hit in our house!

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Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft

Spring is here (whether the weather agrees or not!) and this butterfly craft is a fun way to celebrate!  With how easy this cupcake liner butterfly craft is, we'll be sure to make a few batches of these all summer long.

Butterfly craft made with cupcake liners!

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Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft:

You'll need a few materials for this craft~
Bright cupcake liners (I love the colors in this set!)
glue stick 
black cardstock black marker

Cut the cupcake liners like the picture above.  Kids can work on their scissor skills by cutting a material like a cupcake liner.  It's a lighter weight material than regular paper and a great way to address line accuracy and scissor control.

Cut butterfly bodies from the black cardstock.  Trim the butterfly wings to curved "C" shapes. 

Cupcake liner butterfly craft for spring!

Build the butterflies!  We loved mixing up the colors for this bright and cheery Spring craft.  

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Flower scissor skills craft

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Ish Book Activity Block Sculptures

This week, the Preschool Book Club brings you activities and crafts based on the book, Ish by Peter H. Reynolds.  What a great message this book has!  We loved reading Ish (again and again!) and came up with our take on the book and it's encouragement of creative flow to build Ish-inspired block structures.  Our block creations were full of creativity and tons of expression as the kids built and created stories and play.

Block sculptures based on the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Block Structures and Creative Play inspired by the book, Ish:

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When we read Ish , by Peter H. Reynolds, we loved the feeling of being encouraged to TRY and to use our imagination.  When Ramon creates "-ish" drawings, we loved his fun ideas!  We decided to use something that we play with almost every day to create and imagine just like Ramon did.  We pulled out our wooden blocks and started building "block-ish" sculptures!

Little Guy started with a trio of "airplane-ish" shapes that took off and flew around the dining room.

We used our imaginations to create creatures, steps, and more and started telling stories about our structures.  I love to hear the stories my kids tell and it was fun to hear the way they created once I started adding "-ish" to the structures.  They kept up with the -ish terms as they told their stories: The "dog-ish" guy went up the "steps-ish" area so he could be "taller-ish".

We had SO much fun with this simple imagination building activity!

Block sculptures based on the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

There were "ice cream-ish" treats...

..."Butterfly-ish" creatures...

..."present-ish" gifts...

...and a little block-ish tasting from the baby!

We ended up with a "tent-ish" neighborhood.

Block sculptures based on the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

And a "truck-ish" vehicle...

Block sculptures based on the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

...which lead us to a dining room full of "road-ish" streets.  This became a whole afternoon of pretend play and creative thinking.

Block sculptures based on the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

What can you create with a basket full of blocks and inspiration from Ish?

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