Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pretend play figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a big part of Little Guy's pretend play and fun on a daily basis.  He's got the action figures and sets up battles with them, pretending all kinds of ninja action.  If you've got a ninja turtle fan in your house, these egg carton figures are the thing to make!
We've been playing with these pretend play figures every day for a couple of weeks now...even taking them outside for some ninja turtle fun.  They have battled superman, been victims of his lasso skills, and met a few worms.  These guys are making their rounds in our house lately! 
TMNT egg carton play figures

DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle egg carton figures

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We started with some egg cartons that Baby Girl and I painted green.  You might have seen the action on our Instagram feed. (Are you following us?  Stop by and let us know you're over there...we would love to connect!)

We used wiggly eyes that we received free from our friends at  A little glue on these guys and they were ready for painting.

For the masks and mouths, I used acrylic paints for a nice and bright color. 
They are looking pretty cute for a bunch of mutant turtles with mad ninja skills!

These guys were immediately a hit with Little Guy.  They were easy to make and basically free, using paints that we already had.  These would be a fun addition to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed birthday party too.  We had a TMNT that we had a teenage mutant ninja turtle party for his fourth birthday...and he talks about it allllll the time. 

We took them outside and have been playing with our TMNT guys in the dirt, with sticks and stones.
Little Guy made a pizza shop using sticks and a sidewalk with rocks.  LOVE the pretend play happening here!

Little Guy loves his "ninja turtle egg heads" and we've been having so much fun!

Let us know if you make these.  We would love to see how you're playing!  Stop by our Facebook page and share with us!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Color Sorting Scissor Activity

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know how much we love to do fine motor activities.  Scissor activities for kids is one of our favorite fine motor topics and we've got a bunch of creative ways to practice them!  This fun fine motor color sorting activity was part of prep for another activity we were doing (watch this space to see these foam squares again!), but we had so much fun with it, that we had to share! 

Scissor Skills Activity for Kids

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We started with the wooden crates from our Melissa & Doug Food Groups.  Besides being a totoally fun pretend play toy, the packaging is completely re-usable and perfect for sorting activities.  We shared the picture of our four crates on Instagram and had some great comments about how awesome these crates are for all kinds of play.

I lined the bottom of the four crates with different colors of foam sheets, and drew thick lines on matching colors of foam sheets.

This was a great way for Little Guy to practice his cutting with scissors.  The thickness of the foam sheets is great for new scissor users because it provides greater resistance and therefore slows the scissors more than regular paper.  The thickness of the lines is another way to grade down the cutting task for new scissor users. 

Slower cutting speed is good when the little one needs verbal and physical prompts to hold the scissors correctly, and how to position their assisting hand on the foam. 

Little Guy is working on his scissor skills and needs prompts to hold the foam/paper close to his body and to move the scissors when he's cutting, and not hos whole upper body.  Strait lines are a good start for him for practice.  Older kids or those who are doing a little better with their scissor skills would benefit from thinner lines, curved lines, or even using construction paper instead of the foam sheets.

Once we had all of the foam squares cut out, we were ready for our sorting.  This interested Little Guy for a little while, but Baby Girl was the one who was really into this part of the activity.

She was able to sort the colors into the correct bin.  We worked on naming the colors along the way.

Sorting the squares was a fun way to play and learn!

We had a great time with this cutting and sorting activity.  Let us know if you do this at home, we would love to hear about it!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tips to Make Reading Fun

Do you have a reluctant reader in your house?  The features from this week's Share It Saturday have got some GREAT tips on how to make reading fun for kids of different ages.  A love of reading begins from a very young age and promoting that love throughout childhood is so important...and fun!  We're loving these reading ideas from the features this week.  Stop by and check them out for lots of great reading ideas:

How to make reading fun for kids:

  • Encourage a love of reading from a young age by making story time special with these tips from A Lavender Life.
  • Promote pre-reading skills with your young child with games and activities from Growing Book By Book. 

  • One sure way to grow a love for reading is acting out favorite stories.  Why not try puppets for your storytelling, like Lets Play Music?

  • Go with a beloved theme.  Does the child in your house LOVE all things nature?  Try these books from Peace But Not Quiet.  The transportation lover in your house will love these cars, planes, and trains books from School Time Snippets.  Or maybe a topic sure to inspire giggles, like chickens would guarantee some extra reading time.  Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes has a great list of chicken books.
  • If you're encouraging your new reader to try more words, these sound it out slider cards from The Measured Mom looks like a great way to practice. 

  • We've got lots more ideas on ways to make reading fun for your reluctant or new reader.  Check out the full list of  Creative Sight Word Activities here.
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