Thursday, April 17, 2014

Word Building Activity with Letter Blends Rock Letters

Beginner readers are so much fun!  It is very exciting to see Big Sister learn and grow in her reading skill as this year goes by.  She is doing really well with her reading, and more importantly, developing a love for reading.  This word building activity was a fun way to practice some of her new decodable reading skills using letter blends. 
What are letter blends??  You know those letter combinations that (mostly) begin and end words... tr, ch, sh, qu...those are letter blends!  We made these word building rocks and have been having a blast building words, sounding them out, and building more words!
rock letter manipulatives for new readers to build words

Word Building for Beginner Readers

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I picked up a bag of these black river rocks and used a paint marker to write the letters. These rocks are awesome for play and learning.  I'm thinking we may do a math set of rocks and an upper case/lower case letters set too.  There are so many learning possibilities with these sets!

Letter Blends Activity

Once the paint dried, we had nice bright letters on the black rocks, and got started with our word building.  Big Sister used the rocks to sound out the letter blends and built tons of words.

This is such a great activity for beginner readers.  Hands on learning is more fun...and seems to make the concepts "stick". 

We even used the letters with Little Guy, who is working on identifying lower case letters.  He liked playing with these rocks, too and had fun naming the letters.  We'll be pulling our letter rocks out again soon, and maybe adding them to the sandbox with a few construction vehicles, into a bin of corn for sensory play, or...the possibilities are endless!!

looking for ideas for your beginner reader?  Try some of these.  They are fun learning activities...kid tested!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stamped art flower craft

 This flower craft has been decorating our dining room for a few weeks now and we are loving the splash of color.  You may have seen our DIY Shape Stamps post a while back.  We re-used that artwork to create this pretty flower craft.  Recycled materials crafts are nothing new around here. 
We love re-using artwork to make new crafts.  This flower art is just the thing to bring us into summer and would be a great gift for Mother's Day...or just the thing to bring a smile to your face every time you see it hanging on the wall!

Flower Craft for Kids

The recycled artwork was cut into heart shapes and taped together.  I cut these out, but offered Little Guy the chance to trace heart shaped cookie cutters on the back of the artwork.  He did a few of the tracings, but decided to move onto something a little more rough and active.  Jumping off of the couch onto targets is much more fun for him than arts and crafts these days :)
Tracing cookie cutters to get the heart shapes is a great way to incorporate bilateral hand coordination and pencil control.  Older kids can then cut out the heart shapes for a little scissor work.

To make the stem, we rolled a piece of green construction paper into a tube and taped it securely.  Now this was fun for Little Guy.  Helllllo, telescope!

Tape a few paper leaves onto the stem and the flower is getting somewhere.

Another piece of tape secures the tube to the flower.  We used another piece of recycled artwork to make a blue circle for the center of the flower.  We glued it into place and this covered up the tape holding the stem in place. 

This flower craft is easy, and a fun craft for the kids!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Concentric Circle Stamp Art

We do a ton of painting in our house.  This painting activity was very fun for Baby Girl.  We used a few recycled lids and bottle caps to create this art and had a blast!

 Stamp art for kids 

Pour a little paint onto a few plates...

Gather up a bunch of differently sized lids and bottle caps.

And start stamping away!  This was a fun way to talk about colors with Baby Girl.  She went for her favorite color, purple, a lot. 

Older kids can stamp concentric circles.  This is such a pretty art activity.

Baby Girl had a blast with this.  She stamped and stamped...and then stamped some more!

Wouldn't this make great birthday card art for family, or wrapping paper?

We ended up with a TON of circle art from this activity.

Let us know if you do this artwork activity!  We would love to see it.  Stop by and follow along with us on our Facebook page!

Looking for more creative art activities for kids?  Follow along on our Creative Painting Pinterest board for tons of creative painting ideas. Follow Sugar Aunts' board Creative painting on Pinterest.

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